Joseph Rollinson

Hi There!

Photo of me I'm Joseph, a software engineer at Duolingo measuring learning effectiveness and building robust infrastructure. When not staring at a screen, I enjoy cycling, hiking, running, and exploring new places.

Recent Work

DuoCon 2020 - Our Efficacy Study

26 Sep 2020

Every year, Duolingo hosts a convention where we share new features and host guest speakers. This year, I presented our recent work on measuring the effectiveness of Duolingo, including our 2020 Efficacy Study.

How Well Does Duolingo Work?

19 Aug 2020

In this study we found that Duolingo users who completed 5 sections of our French and Spanish courses for English speakers performed as well as university students who completed 4 semesters of university language instruction on reading and listening proficiency tests. Read the blog post or dive into the white paper!

NCME: Learning Assessment & User Behavior

28 Jul 2020

At this joint NCME conference panel with learning scientists from Khan Academy and Digital Promise, we share our approach to measuring learning in a data driven company culture.

Older work